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  • Warranty Claims & Repairs.
    If your pack needs a repair, we are happy to help. IMPORTANT: PLEASE REVIEW THIS INFORMATION BEFORE SENDING THE PACK REAPIR REQUEST. The All Mighty Guarantee (AMG) is a functional repair policy that is in effect for the life of your Osprey product. We will make repairs to you to restore your Osprey product to a functional state. However, many times, because of color fade or inventory limitations, fabric and replacement part colors may vary from the original. Black thread is used in all sewing repairs. You are responsible for the shipping cost to get your bag to us for repair and the cost of shipping your repaired pack back to you. Please clean your pack before sending it to us. Do not wash your Osprey Pack in the washing machine (it may shred or melt, break buckles, ruin the frame, etc). Osprey highly recommends Nikwax products for all your pack care needs. If we receive a pack that is too dirty or odiferous to repair, we will informed you to collect your pack unrepaired. You will not be contacted to verify that we have received your pack. Please obtain tracking information when you ship your pack so that you can track it. We will make every effort to make a functional repair to your pack. All repaired work is performed by repair workshop appointed by BE adventure. Spare part provide for FOC but Skilled workmanship fee charge back to back. We respond to warranty requests in the order they are received and appreciate your patience! Standard turnaround time is 3-5 weeks for your pack to pass through the repair process and its also subject to spare part availabilities. Be sure to remove all personal items and gear from the backpack. Please make sure to clean the pack before returning it for repair. Due to high seasonal volume sometimes, repairs may take 5-8 weeks to complete. Repairs will be addressed in the order received. BE adventure apologizes for any inconvenience.
  • Replacement Part Request.
    BE Adventure offers free replacement parts for Osprey backpacks and travel bags with the intent to restore them to functioning condition. Replacement parts may differ in style and color from the originals. It is our goal to get you back on the trail whether it leads to the mountains, woods, boardroom, or tarmac with a fully functioning pack. To request a replacement item you can install yourself, please contact our customer service at Including a photo of your pack and the damaged part will help ensure we send the correct size replacement to restore your pack to a functioning state. Replacement parts are not available for personal modifications or other issues unrelated to restoring your Osprey product to a functional condition. If requesting a part attached to webbing, please include the webbing size.
  • What is not covered under the All Mighty Guarantee (AMG)
    Size/Fit: We provide a variety of resources and tools for our customers to be sure their Osprey pack fits. Remember: packs fit as personally as the shoes on your feet. Take this endeavor seriously. A correctly fit Osprey pack will work on a wide variety of body types. Visit Sizing and Fitting page from Osprey U.S. for more information. Preferences:Bad color? Wrong style? Not enough or too much room in your pack? Unfortunately, we can’t cover personal preference under our guarantee. Cosmetic Wear and Tear: Our Guarantee does not cover any reasonable aging of your pack that affects only the appearance and not the function of your pack. Be proud of those scars! Issues such as logo peeling are not covered, PU coating due to weather are not covered. Lost/Stolen Packs: Our Guarantee does not cover lost or stolen packs or pack components.
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